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D Chaudhuri Group : Organic-Optoelectronics Lab 

Welcome to our group webpage!

We are a part of the Department of Chemical Sciences, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkata.

Our group works in the area of self-assembly of small molecule chromophores. From trying to understand the role of molecular design and other extrinsic factors in a self-assembly process to designing new materials with interesting properties, there are several directions we pursue. For more details, please visit our Research page.


The members of our group have a background in Chemistry, with a love for physical and organic chemistry. But what we value most is having a fresh perspective, and the willingness to try and learn new things.


July 2023

Subhankar won the ACS Applied Nanomaterials best poster award at Emerging Materials 2023, IISER Pune

May 2023

Triza attended Gordon Research Seminar and Gordon Research Conference on Self-Assembly and Supramolecular Chemistry

Subhankar, Debjit and DC were at DESY, Hamburg doing T-dependent 2D-GIWAXS

Jan 2023

Triza presented poster at the Chemical Science 2023: Leaders in the Field Conference, JNCASR

Jan 2023

Chiral and Morphological Anisotropy of Supramolecular Polymers Shaped by a Singularity in Solvent Composition

Just accepted in the J. Am. Chem. Soc.
Shout-out to Triza!

Congratulations to Dr. Saptarshi Datta for defending his PhD. thesis! 

Debjit joins the group. Welcome on board!

Aug 2022

Sayan joins the group. 
Welcome on board!

Feb 2022

Reversible Supramolecular Polymorphism in Solution and Solid Matrix by Manipulating Sidegroup Conformation

Just accepted in the Angew. Chem. 
Shout-out to Saptarshi!

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